Saturday, 22 December 2012

Devastated,Hurt, Confussed? ... You Can Be A Better Person

Ever felt like you are doing you best and yet all you get is complaints? every felt like you are not appreciated no matter how hard you try? Every felt lost knowing you deserve better than what you get?

Well, we all at one point or the other have that feeling where all seems wrong and no matter how hard you try you are not appreciated.
How do you you feel?
Angry, disappointed, heart broken or what? Especially when the person smiles at you but hurts you?
We all have had a taste of that at one point or the other but what is important is YOU.

Yes YOU! you are in control of how you let words and actions of people affect you.
  • Yes they are hypocrites but do you also see that they see a greater thing in you that they don't have? so why don't  you listen to their criticism, cry especially if it hurts and work on their criticisms
  • Hey its not everything they say you should do is right. You got to think, evaluate your self and follow your dream.
  • Run. Yes run but not from this challenge but from the thought that you cant be anything you want to be.
  • Pray, really you need to commune with your maker because you need his directions.
  • Strategise. The did has been done but guess what? Where their is life their is hope .You can be better, so work hard on it. Strategy would help  you know what steps to take at a particular time to achieve your goal.
  • Watch yourself. You now have to take a deliberate move with everything you do cos you know you are "haunted".
It is not  easy but with consistency you can turn that pain to gain.

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