Monday, 26 November 2012

When Love Turns Sour, Lover Pours Acid Bath On Ex

Would you call it the devil, or just wickedness when David Suleiman who allegedly disfigured the face and body of his ex-lover, Chika Egbo, with acid for refusing him access to his son. The two were an item till Chika got pregnant and David, who claimed he had to travel told her to get rid of the pregnancy. Chika however brought the baby into the world.
Almost a year after, the run-away lover returned requesting to see the baby but faced a grid -lock from the mother which is normal
A source who would like to be  name Ă„nonymous ,  squealed that desperate Suleiman tricked the 25 year-old student from Enugu to a hide-out in Ikotun, Lagos state, where he committed the inhuman act.
 Now the question is:

  1.  What was his motive for that cruel act?
  2. Why would the lady agree to go with him to an undisclosed location without a friend?
All these would not be answered @ least in a while.

As if that was not enough,“An Okada rider who witnessed the incident went after Suleiman, but while he chased him, Suleiman emptied the can of acid on the Okada rider, who held him strongly waiting for help.
Other Okada riders who drove by saw what was happening and they came to his rescue and eventually took Suleiman to Ikotun police station while the Okada rider and Egbo were rushed to a hospital”, she said.
The victim is presently suffering from first degree burns and lying critically ill at the emergency unit of the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, LASUTH.

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