Saturday, 22 December 2012

Donations Donations Donations; Clarion Call To Make Donations For Health Related Problems.

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Over the last few months in Nigeria, it has been  challenging interesting and somtimes filled with tears. I thought of what to write this morning and the shouts of my grandma complaining about my health brought out this question in my head :  " do you know your body would react to the things you feed it in the first 25 to 30 years? I was baffled and kept on pondering. I decided to "reject" the devil and say, It is not my portion but is ill health anyones portion?

If I can count, it has been, donate for this person that needs kidney transplant, this person that needs heart operation in india et all that has been in vogue with one of Nigeria's most watched TV station airing this.
Am happy at the response and I too do no matter how small. But ;
this is not a matter of you being slim or fat. infact, being slim doesnt mean you are healthy, just that you (slim people) are not prone to diseases like we (covering my eyes) fat /plump people.

We need to take into cognaisance of what we take into our body and how well we rest. Of course I am not negating exercise.

Smoking is not good especially in this hot region of ours and if at all u want to smoke (not advising you do) please at the barest minimum. You save your self the embarrassment of asking people to donate for you and also a good health.

Exercise; believe you me it is not fun but you just have to do it. it helps the heart and keeps the body strong.

Fruits : They are hundred % natural and good for the body. as it has toxins that fights against germs.
Rest: no matter how busy you are please endeavour to rest. Even a robot would breakdown after a while. please rest.

Positive thoughts; The holy book talks about worry and how it doesn't solve a thing instead adds to it.

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