Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year.... Be disciplined, Focused and Dilligent

Every last day of every year happens to be a special one for me first because it shows I have scaled through all the hurdles that year threw at me, another reason is that I came into this world on the last day in the year 1985. Well this write up aint about me but about US. So glad we made it into the New Year, thinking about people that have lost their lives this past year gives those of us still living a wake up call to always remain good at all times.
I wouldn’t want to preach as we all have resolutions (most of us break it in less than a month) but I want us all to have a plan and a commitment that “Our yesterday should be better than today”.
My mind goes down to the gruesome Aluu 4 killings in port Harcourt Nigeria like they were my blood. For those who watched the video that went viral you would remember Lloyd I think who was murmuring something’s and all that came to my mind was that I hoped he was giving his life to Christ. No one truly knows what happened that day but one thing is for sure, Souls of Nigeria future leaders got cut short by Nigerians.
I wish us all we wish the best this year got to offer and only pray that the blessings of Enlargement  in Isaiah 54 is our portion.

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