Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Yeah "Personally" I got a lot on my mind on the state of the country, personal life and some other interesting things, I miss blogging and would like to say a big thank you to all those who mail me to ask whats up.
Today I would like to talk about a "personal"topic :  Personally

Guess many are wondering my repetition of the word. Well lets just say I got some issues that are affecting me personally (oops said it again) that I feel like discussing.

Was surfing the net some days back I stumbled on the news about a Chinese couple that fell off the window of their room while making love, having sex. Personally, it got me thinking about the crazy things people do in the name of passion at the expense of their lives. I got talking with some friends and then the topic sex, pornography and religion came up. While I really don't like these three topics, I must say I was surprised at the dexterity at which my friends explained the topic. We would discuss that later. So personally, would like to ask you: What is that thing that you are so passionate off that you don't mind if  you loose your life?

While you ponder on this question of mine, I would like you to personally watch this musical video by Nigeria only twins group PSquare titled PERSONALLY.... A tribute to Micheal Jackson.

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