Thursday, 27 December 2012

Lt Adeyemi David Sowole Buried Amidst Tears

Lt Adeyemi Sowole
His Daughter
I waited this long to see if any TV station would carry this news but to my dismay No! May be today but is it NOT funny that NTA could air the news about the fire accident in Obasanjo's house and yet not even a gist about the burial of this fine gentle man who served his nation till the end? I sympathise with the Azazi's over the death of their loved one but do the likes of Ben Bruce and Donald Duke only sympathise because they know him ?what about the pilot and co pilot who in line of duty  missed a chance to be the father to his daughter, the unborn child in his beautiful wife's womb, a husband to Doctor Eniola? Values real values. I could go on and on venting but, it may just fall on a dead horse ears. Yesterday, Thursday the 27th of December 2012, the remains of Lt Adeyemi David Sowole was interred to mother earth amidst, family, friends and loved ones.
A requime mass was held in the Protestant Church Nigeria Navy Barracks Navy Town, there after  his remains was taking to the " Nigerian Army Cemetry Ojo". He was honoured by his colleagues who gave him a befitting parade and the 21 gunshot before committing him to mother earth. His wife, Dr Eniola Sowole, their daughter, the deceased sister did the dust to dust right on him biding him fare well till they meet to part no more.
On their wedding day

His Final Resting Place, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria

His Sister Performing Dust to dust

21 gun shots

Till we meet to part no more Lt Adeyemi David Sowole

Biography of the Late Lt Adeyemi David Sowole 
 Lt Adeyemi Sowole was a fine officer , a delight to have around. He attended Unity Secondary School Akure, Then proceeded to Nigerian Defence Academy to train as a Naval Aviator.
He was married to an American trained Doctor Eniola Sowole Nee Awofodu who left America to settle in Nigeria with him. They got married March 2011, and are blessed with a daughter Teniola who's 8months, they are expecting another child. He is survived by siblings, parents, friends and loved ones.

May his soul Rest In Eternal Peace and May our Government value every human life as same be it a president or a common citizen who feeds on less than a dollar.



  1. May his gentle soul rest in peace.....
    To larakingz,a good job well done.9c blogs...

  2. Its really sad that an officer that died in the line of duty did not have any government presence at his burial. What a Nation!.....Lara,more grease.

  3. May his soul rest in perfect peace....I pray God comforts his family amen