Saturday, 8 December 2012

Lead University Students (Four) Loose Their Lives On Their Way To A Club.

Debris of the car that claimed four lives and left two in critical condition

Whatever happened that night can best be described by the six occupants of the car unfortunately, four are dead and two critically injured. The four a female and three males, are students of Lead University in Ibadan  Oyo state, Nigeria, were on their way to a party at Koko Dome night club  when they met their death. Debris of the car shows they were driving in high speed and we hope not under the influence of alcohol. Reports according to Bella naija says the event happened in the early hoursof Saturday the 8th of December 2012. Sad tale I must say but would our youths not waste their lives in the name of living large? As we mourn with their parents friends and the university as a whole please let us know that our destiny is in our hand. Drive with caution.

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