Friday, 23 November 2012

Tonto Dikeh Ignoramus Or Just Gibberish ?

 Pardon my french but whats up with Tonto? First she released an awful song that got people thinking if she was in her right senses and got some of her fans dissapointed though must say we all wanted to hear the crap and gave her a high number of down loads in a week. But my problem with her is that she is the fact that she doesn't know how to use the social media. or shall I say she loves negative press. Or just dumb!

Why am I venting?

Ay Makun's daughter did her own rendition of the Get high crappy song Tonto sang and wow was it cute and did it make some of us want to see if their was sense out of the nonsense song ? Yes!!! and then she blew it off by going to twitter saying she is "f**king upset with AY"duh! its a public forum b***h watch your words  or better still send him a message. By the way you are a star (at least to some people).

Please invest in a manager who would handle your PR cos image building is for the future. Ask veterans in the field like Joke Silva, Liz Benson et al they understand the fact that being the best aint about blurting every crap that runs through our  mind.

* deep sigh*  next post please.

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  1. Lol... She needs to work on her pronounciation.