Monday, 26 November 2012

New Media? BRT Bus Plunges Into Lagos Lagoon!!!

Yeah yeah, that news broke out over an hour ago first through the 'official'page of the FRSc on twitter and then as broadcast Messages on Blackberry and then Daily Post puts it up and then, lindaikeji and then Nigerian bulletin (deleted the post after confirming they just deceived their readers),up coming blogs also put it up. Well wondering why I didn't join the rush, learnt my lesson from the Governor crash incident where the news was sent and posted on Sahara. I learnt that once I didn't witness it or have a source who took a picture of it, I aint putting up on my blog. Yes trends increase the page views but I want to be known as a credible news blog amongst other things.
A typical BRT bus in Lagos Nigeria

Now the Social Media?
Believe you me, it is one of the fastest way of rising and falling. we all need to be careful. I updated my BB up saying "i hope the over 50 people in the BRT are alive if the story is true" and my oh my did I get alot of comments. Remember a friend telling me not to get people agitated. she obviously did not  read, the" ïf the story is true" part.  but we all have to be careful about the information we disseminate as in less that one hour, that news circulated with some blogs and Micro blogs gaining more visits than ever.
@FRSCNigeria which published the hoax BRT accident  gaining over 1304 followers and a research via search shows an increase in visitors in the  visits Dailypost added. Now according to @ Omojuwa "the problem is more than just FRSC Nigeria".

Daily post as a follow up Updated  that the The FRSC has deleted the tweet (which we have munched below, for record purposes). Our correspondent, has also spoken to Mr. Nseobong Akpabio, a top FRSC official.
He said: “The news about the BRT bus is not true”. When we pressed further on the tweet, he replied, “I am yet to confirm that” before he dropped the call.

The supposed tweet that got everyone talking.

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