Monday, 12 November 2012

Not All LASTMA Officials Can Arrest You.. How To Identify a Junior Officer

 Was in a friend's car  heading for the beach one Sunday afternoon at the popular CMS bus-stop  when a LASTMA official stopped us for "not using our sit belt"we showed him and then he said he wanted to search that was when my friend, a lawyer formally introduced himself and occupation and thus saved us from harrasment.
Well, In public forum on the Law,  The Vanguard  reported that the General Manager of LASTMA, Engr. Babatunde Edu, gave the order in his addres.
 According to Edu, the move was a spontaneous measure to respond to the complaints against aggressive law enforcement by junior officers. He urged the public to report any junior officer who victimises or harasses them, saying they have been stripped of the power to arrest.
Speaking on how to distinguish between a junior officer and a senior officer, he said “You can easily identify the junior officer with black epaulet on their shoulders; they cannot arrest, only the senior ones with red epaulets on their uniforms can arrest.
We have stopped the juniors from arresting motorists and okada riders except during a joint operation. That is the extent we have gone in checkmating aggressive enforcement of the law
 The state government has listened to our calls to curb their reported excesses and has ordered junior LASTMA officers to stop arresting erring motor-cycle riders also.
So when next you get stopped by a man in cream shirt and wine trouser, kindly look at his epaulet on their shoulders if it is black tell him to park well.  But the thought on my mind is "hope they wont ( the junior officers) start putting on their senior officers red epaulets and hope their won't be mass promotion in the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA). ? well one thing I observed is that most the  junior officers are mostly scantily  dressed. *wink*

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