Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Why Do You Want To Get Married?

Yes Why do you want to get married? Every weekend people get married, everyday, people meet, everyday, people break up and everyday their are divorce cases in the courts.
Don't know about other parts of the world but the sequence in Nigeria  is always

" Go to secondary school------> then go to the University --------> Service Year/ Masters and then Marriage.".
  Please correct me if am wrong but this is one thread of events I observe.
 Young ladies especially those in their final year in the university without boyfriends feel ostracized and  those who have look  for a way to get their boyfriends "engage" them.
  • What is the right age to get married?
  • What are the things YOU look for in a life patner?
  • What is LOVE and is it the ONLY ingredient in marriage?
I recently met an old friend who got married while we were in school and I shuddered. Tola (not her real name) was hot while we were in school and she married this guy cos he was good in bed and now she found out the guy lied about everything else, he had no certificate, no job and all and now my class mate is looking like a hmmm. And she can not divorce him. Yes cos she is a christian. Now taht is another story for another day.
Now before we ladies start complaining about men and their deceit? what about men, cool, calm and collected who marry women and found out that she is only a mannequin. cant cook, clean, is dirty and bedwets... surprised right  what do you want HIM to do...
 Now am not a fan of divorce but I think I will like to share somehing I learnt today about WHY  YOU WANT TO GET MARRIED.

  1. What do you want from life? If you do not know what you want from life you would only receive anything that comes your way.
  2. Look for a man/woman who completes you. yes, no one is an Island thus you need someone who both of you share almost the same goals so that u can both be happy.
  3. Don't get married cos of money, status or loneliness. yes its good if your man/woman has that but if you know what you want in life you would see that you will get that along the line.
  4. Please don't marry out of sentiments.. He/She is nice, caring, can cook et al but ... now once their is a BUT hmmm marriage aint University that you will graduate so please correct that doubt.
  5. Please Genotypes are very important please make sure you do that. Don't be blinded by love and start producing "sick" children.
  6. Please make sure your spouse has a VISION. It is important, you can't change an adult easily so are you ready to deal with a spouse with no vision.
  7. Religion: I think it is better you are both of the same religious background helps you raise the children in the same line
  8. Tribe; I personally love inter-tribal marriages. Its fun and you both learn the others culture but please be careful. some tribes are.... look berore you leap.
  9. Family : Please this is important I feel their is nothing as good as being in rapour with you Inlaws to be.
  10. Prayer: Now this is very very very important... what ever your tribe, religion or race, the place of prayer can't be over emphasised.. cos in Marriage you need patience, kindness, endurance, perseverance et al and only marriage can bring that out.
Are their other thing I didn't add you think should be there? please add .. wish us all the best... *mwah*

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  1. I enjoyed this piece thoroughly. I relate with it for so many reasons and you covered quite a lot of grounds here Lara. "Love alone cannot sustain a marriage" a girlfriend once said to me