Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Barrack Obama Get's Reelected Says; 'WE'VE GOT MORE WORK TO DO'

The Obama's and the Biden's
The much anticipated election of the worlds most influential country The United States Of America (USA) took place yesterday, Tuesday, the sixth of November 2012. people all around the world tuned in to international stations like the Cable News Network (CNN), BBC amongst others to follow the election. And alas they voted, CNN predicted Obama winning and he did. Romney conceded and placed a congratulatory call to Obama thus accepting his defeat and Obama declared winner to govern the country for the next four years.Barack Obama won Ohio and six other swing states to surpass 270 electoral votes and secure another term as president.
 A keenly contested election as observed. In his speech, President Obama declares " we've got more work to do" while Mitt Romney tells supporters"We've given our all," who gathered in Boston.

We only wish him wisdom, good health and God's grace..

Picture source: cnn

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