Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ex Beauty Queen Munachi Abii Turns 25; Bares Out Her Boobs To Celebrate.

Muna decently dresses and Muna barring it all

On Monday the 5th of November, Former beauty queen, female rapper who got tongue lashed for dissing mode 9 Munachi Gail Teresa Abii Nwankwo clocked. 25. Of a truth, the young beautiful lady has a lot to celebrate and thank god for; 5 years ago she won the crown as the most beautiful girl in Africa most populous nation Nigeria, a 'thriving' music career, a contract with LUX, etc.
Well, to celebrate her birthday, the young lady decided to wear a dress which creates a picture of Eve in the garden of Eden when they were covered with fig leaves.
Comments on a topnotch blog in Nigeria showed how disgusted people were that a role model that she is meant to be, forgot that she has to be conscious of her every move. I hope she learns from this fashion faux pax and learn that baring it all aint sexy its trampy.
Al the same, I want to wish you a happy birthday

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