Wednesday, 7 November 2012

33 Year Old Man Absconds After Wife Gives Birth To Triplets.

What many would consider a blessing, Mr Yemi Oyeniyi an auto-mobile mechanic considers a challenge as he flees from his wife and triplets. Trouble according to reports that the wife Esther observed a change in behavior in her husband in June 2012 when the went for a scan  and saw there was  triplets in her womb.the woman was delivered of the babies who were all females last Monday and that their naming ceremony was organised by the family’s church members.The mother of the triplets lamented that, since Oyeniyi left their Okeyidi matrimonial home in Abeokuta, his mobile phone had been switched off. The wife,Esther Oyeniyi, 27,  is a teacher at a private nursery and primary school in Abeokuta,
The couple have two kids before of the three female triplets.
Wonders shall nerve end as one man's  meal is another poison.

Source: vanguard

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