Monday, 15 October 2012

Much ado About Kelly Hansome's Tattoo...

When an A-list website first broke the news of  Kelly Hansome's tattoo whose real name is Kelechukwu Ogbonna Orji   I laughed at the values we now appreciate. Not only because of the torture he went through getting it (#that does not concern me) but the fact that he went to Mexico  to do a $4,000 tattoo. Come on, not insinuating but why brag about it. He even went ahead to do a video and posted it on youtube. In one of his ramblings he was told he was going to do the one on his left arm for $300 and he muttered "do you know ow much that is in my country"? He just "fell his own hand " Cause Nigeria is better than Mexico but I guess he has traveled out. i don't have any beef for him but just not cool  in my own opinion. If  his Life Motto is "Work Hard and Stay Humble” which he had to write on his body, then why the publicity? kelly Hansome who last year got a journalist embarrassed and arrested over an article over him begging for a movie role  is now the one creating awareness about his tattoo.

Meanwhile, I was wondering why Mexico, a country known world wide for its high rate in drug trafficking.. and then why not go to New York where they do tattoos at $350 per hour then he can make noise or why cant  he can compete with the world most expensive tattoo @ $924,000

Kelly Han(d)some who came out with the "maga don pay" song with his now relationship gone  sour kennis music label makes me wonder his source of income *shhhh ( me and my inquisitive mind)

Well more than ever, I dont like people who brag, Tuface, got a tattoo and he didnt brag about it so y the fuss... and just wondering?

Mike Tyson when he was younger,

Have you ever thought of the future of the Tattoos on you...

As a 'Star' it would be nice if you help people and brag about better than flaunting some 'beautiful'artworks
Love the song you dedicated to your Grandma though, Those are the kind of things that helps build ones image in the lime light..
Funny Facebook Revenge
world's most expensive Tattoo

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