Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Happy New Month....

Yeah Yeah a lot of Blogs had it up yesterday but men was I too weak. Had an eventful weekend with a lot of enjoyment and "booging" and I would definately share. So we have less that 100 days to the end of this beautiful year and the question is? how much of your goals have you achieved or shall I rephrase and say; what is hindering you from achieving your set goal? Or may be I should even ask? do you have a WRITTEN goal? yeah Written because alot of us say @ I wanna, wanna" and don't write it down, we have a lot of distractions and it is only nice for us to write them down.
For those of us who have them down but haven't fulfilled them, its not too late, You can start NOW. drop that thing that is distracting you and face your goal, remember, the only person who truly fails is he who fails to start at all.. Love you all and have a lovely October filled with love, joy, peace and joy *mwah*

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