Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Youngest Olympian is an African.....

Adzo Kpossi of Togo
At 13, swimmer Adzo Kpossi of Togo is the youngest Olympian competing in the London Summer Games. At the other end of the spectrum is Hiroshi Hoketsu. Dressed elegantly in top hat and tails, the 71-year-old represents Japan in the dressage equestrian competition.
There are plenty of athletes competing in the 2012 Games who span the age range between Kpossi and Hoketsu, some of them well past their 30th year.

Jordan Jovtchev, who turns 40 in February, made it to the finals of the men's gymnastic rings competition on Monday. Though he didn't earn a medal, Jovtchev gained notice for competing in an astounding sixth Olympic games. His silvery hair stands out as much as his powerful work on the rings in a sport known for its youthful  competitors.
As the world focuses on the competition and pageantry in London this summer, athletes over 30 are putting on one spectacular show. Learn more about the Games' well-seasoned athletes in the gallery above.

Oldest Olympian

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