Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Celebrating "convicts" in Nigeria

James Ibori

Yes I know a lot of people would be wondering why the headline, but that was the thought that ran through my mind when on Saturday the  4th of August I went down to buy my favourite Dailies from the vendor and decided to go through others... Alas, more than 5 adverts congratulating the former governor of Delta state James Ibori on his Birthday. who does that publicly... ?

Are they celebrating the fact that he is celebrating it in Jail or happy he committed the crime or what? This brings to bare are low level of  value. This is a man who stole millions... oops Billions of money From Nigeria, A leader who had an opportunity to make a positive change yet went down the lane of "thiefry" and yet people are bold to celebrate him..... Is it the amount used in placing the adverts i want to talk about that can change a families life or the fact that they are proud to be associated with the convict or is it because they know the money they convict him of stealing is not half of what he actually siphoned?  cos I don't understand oh.....

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