Sunday, 23 December 2012

First BokoHaram, And Now Ansaru... What Next?

I really do not understand these sects and their plan. I wouldn't want to say religion  because I have some moslem friends who are the most peaceful, gentle and honest people i have ever met and they are Hausa's. but the difference is that they are Educated. The nation is stil trying to get rid of the BokoHaram sect which has been tormenting the country Nigeria since 2009, killing human beings and claiming they are doing the right thing. and then Ansaru, a brother to Bokoharam “ announces to the world, especially the French government, that it was responsible for the abduction of engineer Francis Colump, 63, working for the French company Vergnet.”.
Their Reason?
They said the french are against Islam and about to ban women from wearing viels.The group specifically pointed to “France’s major role in the (planned) attack on the Islamic state in northern Mali.”

Duh.. is that a good reason to stop a project that would be beneficial to your children and children's children? pardon me if am wrong but I think these sects need to have a rethink on their strategy. If they want to be the best, they should get knowledge. Whats funny is that Saudi Arabia, Dubai and other Islamist states are so developed that people around the world are willing to go there and they conform with their rules. These sects should learn from them, get the highest form of education, make your enviroment peaceful, beautiful and developed and you would see that "those you claim are against you" would come wanting to have a partnership with you.

Or what do you readers think?

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