Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Rapist, Drugs, Rapes, Videod The Act and Then Results To Blackmail...

Is it not funny  what extent people would go to because of money. even to the extent to bringing down their image?
This is the plight of a Nike (not real name) who boarded a cab in Abuja, the cab man sprayed "air freshener" and that was the last thing she remembered. She woke up in an uncompleted building naked and messed up.
To add insult to her dignity, the rapist(s) sent in an envelope the next day containing a video disk showing how I was raped.
“The envelope also contained a demand for me to pay N5 million into an account in one of the new generation banks,” she added.

The police say they are on it but I would like us to ;
  1. Watch every bus, cab or even tricycle you enter.
  2. As much as possible write down the plate number of any cab.
  3. Watch the move of the taxi man. (don't sleep off )
  4. When you are unfortunately raped, please go the hospital and report to the police station.

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