Monday, 19 November 2012

Prisoner James Ibori Congratulates Ex Convict Alamieyeseigha On His 60th Birthday.

I thought I was seeing double when I saw the  Ad in The Nation but my is it true. was I surprised nah because earlier on in the year, some friends of the convicted James Ibori paid lumps of money to advertise his birthday in the Vanguard.
The Advert Placed in The Nation

Whats interesting in the advert is the fact that he not only placed an Advert in a Bola Tinubu owned news paper, he went ahead to call Alamieyeseigha “Gov-General of the Ijaw Nation”
Excerpts of thepage adverts  " In the four paragraph statement, Ibori sympathized with  Alamieyeseigha over the latter’s ostensible persecution. He encouraged the former Bayelsa governor to seek solace in the purported confidence of Ijaw people in him, and expressed confidence that he would be vindicated in future. He concluded by wishing that Alamieyeseigha would enjoy the “rich and rewarding life” he has succeeded in making for himself.

I hope we all still remember Alamieyeseigha the former Bayelsa state governor who  also once jumped bail in the UK in December 2005 and absconded by allegedly disguising as a woman. He was also charged with money laundering when the London Metropolitan Police found about N253 million in cash in his London home. He is still a wanted man in the UK.

I love my country Nigeria but this is preposterous.  Well birds of the same feather flock together or What do you guys think? 

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