Monday, 8 October 2012

Why didnt they Eat their Bodies?#justiceforAluu4

Yes that is what those that killed those boys should have done... nonsense, in this time and age, cant believe we have barbaric people still living among the living.. I weep, I am angry and pissed... Really, I don't even care what they did but what they did to them made those MEN victims... hanhan.. I was in the salon when someone sent me a mail asking why I haven't put up the story on my blog. I replied that  I heard about it on Friday and was careful cos I wanted to get to the root of the matter. And yes the facts are coming out with different versions of the story but the questions  in my mind are;
  1. How come Nobody informed the police or alerted the school authority about the incident while it was going on.
  2. who recorded the video and shared and didn't tell any one on his Blackberry or is it whatsapp what was happening?
  3. Who was that devil incarnate that threw bricks and flogged those MEN with  planks and Brick..?
  4. The women that watched, and other murderers who though didn't raise a stone but were watching . Are they born of a woman?
Many other questions are in my mind but am angry and wish I could do more than writing. My heart bleeds.  Watched the video as Four future leaders  of Nigeria were killed. I heard they had caught one of the killers as at the time am writing this but were they not the same people that stood there quite watching them while they killed them earlier? Hypocrites!!! 

To the families of those FOUR MEN... May God give you the fortitude to bear the loss... 

Nigeria my Nigeria, when would we realise that violence never pays. That callous boy that beat, killed and burnt those boys would in the nearest future, if not  nipped in the bud say he wants to be a Councillor... God forbid most of you would say.... but it happens.
 If these MEN were from other tribes we would have said it is because they are not from that tribe. If they can kill their own, who then is safe? 

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