Monday, 17 September 2012

Wedding Day robbery... Robbers in Lagos Rob Newly married couple of their wedding rings and gifts, guests at their reception in Lagos

A six-man gang of armed robbers on Saturday [Sep 16 2012] invaded a wedding reception in the Abule-Egba area of Lagos State, shot and injured one female guest, after dispossessing guests of valuables, including wedding rings of both the groom and bride.

The only casualty of the robbery operation was a female guest, who out of panic had wanted to flee from the robbery scene, against the order of the criminals that everybody should lay face down and no movement. She was shot at by one of the armed robbers.

The incident, according to witness, happened at about 6.45pm when some of the invited guests to the wedding had started leaving.

"They used a bus to block the only entrance to the popular event centre located on Olaniyi Street in Abule-Egba before they started dispossessing people of their belongings", said a witness.

The witness added that there was pandemonium in and around the place as soon as the presence of the hoodlums became obvious to guests in the hall. It was gathered that, the criminals also robbed the bride and groom of their wedding rings, gift items and other jewelry worn by the bride.

The source, who is one of the managers of the centre, also added that, the robbers escaped with the gift items that were given to the couple.

According to him, the robbery lasted for 15 minutes and policemen only got to the crime scene 15 minutes after the robbers had left.

"One of our staff who went on errand but upon returning noticed the robbers quickly ran to the Oko Oba Police station, to report the incident but the police did not come until the criminals had finished their operation and left", he said.

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