Thursday, 20 September 2012

Front line UK Female soldier Gives Birth to a Baby Boy in war front Afghanistan:Unaware of pregnancy

A British soldier who has given birth in Afghanistan says she did not know she was pregnant.
Britain's defence ministry says the woman who is serving on the front line gave birth on Tuesday at a NATO base, days after it came under attack from the Taliban.
The mother and baby boy are in a stable condition and are waiting for a specialist medical team from a hospital in Oxford, in south-east England, to fly them home.
According to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper the woman only discovered she was pregnant when she went to medics complaining of severe stomach pains and was told she was about to give birth.
The baby was born five weeks premature.
A ministry of defence spokesman said it is not military policy to allow service women to deploy on operations if they are pregnant.

It is a first incident when a soldier serving at the frontline has delivered a baby and experts say that it might raise questions on whether there should be proper medical tests conducted on women before they are sent to serve on frontlines. 

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