Monday, 17 September 2012

One Man, 39 wives, 94 children, Meet Zion Chana, the Indian man with the Largest family in the world

39 women and 94 children 
Zion Chana is a man who lives in a mountain village in the Indian state Baktwang Mizoram and he is the head of very numerous family.

Indian man, in fact, was as many as 39 times married and he is a father of 94 children, and has 33 grandchildren. This big family lives in a house that has 100 rooms, and Zion's wife sleep in large dormitories. Chana said for the media thought that all this family means a blessing, and his wife say they are all work so great together.

'Today I feel like a special child of God. He gave me so many people to look after. I consider myself lucky man that I am a husband and 39 women at the head of the largest family in the world " he said for the' Sun '.

The family has organized nearly strict military discipline, led by the oldest woman Zatiyandji. His youngest woman Chana holds closest to his bedroom, while the older ones sleep on a little farther. The wives 'rotate' when visiting his chambers. Wife revealed that in only one dinner of this family should pluck 30 chickens, peel 60 kg potatoes and boil 100 kg of rice.

Chana was also the head of the sect of 4000 members, allowing them to have as many women as they wish and said that in one year he married ten times. He says he still has not stopped to search for some new bride, and for the next woman he might end up in America. 

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