Friday, 21 September 2012

Nigerian with a Japanese wife. Been married for 15 years...

Chief Kennedy Fintan Nnaji

Chief Kennedy Fintan Nnaji is a Nigerian and Also a Japanese. in an interview cuddled from  The Vanguard we got these excerpts :

To be honest, I don’t fall in love so easily because I take my time so as not to make mistakes. And when I say I love you it comes from the bottom of my heart.  Usually, In Japan, when you meet a woman; you would start by going to Coffee shop and other interesting places to thrill her. When I met my wife, then, I was coming out from the gym. I stopped her and she ran away and I pursued her. And when I got her,  I asked why she ran, she told me that she has never met a foreigner before. I told her never to worry.
Then, I got her number and before you know it, we started dating and the rest now is history as we have had three children, Two girls and a boy.
So, our marriage of 15 years have been wonderful and we have never had a problem even when the country wanted me to repatriate me on the grounds that I have overstayed my welcome, she stood her ground and maintained that I must stay. To be honest to you, she is a benefactor and not only a wife; she is not like other foreign women who would want to dominate the home and their husbands. She’s always submissive, in everything. And by his grace she is the Lolo of my town.
Do you still have thought of going back to Nigeria for an African wife?
For now, it is not in my agenda.
Allowing my children to marry Japanese
Of course, I would allow my daughters to marry whoever they want to marry, be it an Arab, an Afghanistan or Japanese. But all depends on whether the lady in question would also adapt to our African culture.

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