Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Robbers, rape 15 year old to death in Ojo close to Festac, Lagos

Ojo local government, Lagos

Seems Ojo local govt which has mile2, festac town amongst other in the local government is home to a den of  thieves and roibbers who not only steal but also Rape their victims...
Such was the plight of Samuel Eze, a 26-year-old man from Nkanu local government Area of Enugu State, and also a tenant at Alhaji Irorum street, off Sabo-Oniba bus stop said he will forever live with the trauma of  his ugly experience on Tuesday, August 6, 2012.

It was a day he witnessed the "beastiality" in some human beings.  On that day, dare-devil bandits clad in military uniforms, invaded his house and raped his sister to death in his presence. The fair-complexioned tall man narrated the chilling story of how the bandits carried out their deadly mission to Crime Alert in tears.
He said: “They forced their way into our house, pointed a gun to my face asked me to give them N50,000 or else they would kill me, but one of them turned to my 15 year-old sister and together with others, they rape her to death. That was a very traumatic day for me because I saw my own sister raped to death.”

Over 10 people have been affected and its pathetic to note that the these people dress up in military uniforms. It is worthy to note that this local government was the location of the stealing and killing of  Cynthia Osokogu, a masters degree student in Nassarawa, whose facebook friends lured her to lagos, lodged her in a hotel in FESTAC, drugged her, killed and later called the hotel  that they have a dead body in one of their rooms and that they should go and dispose the body...

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