Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A J5 drivers 'james bond stunt" sees him crushed by a moving train in Ikeja, Lagos.

Lagos locomotive Train and insert J5

7 am this morning Wednesday the 15th of August 2012, A J5 bus by the popular Ikeja along area this morning got crushed by a moving Train, witnesses say the Train which has been blaring its horn from a distance warning people off  still saw the stubborn driver trying to beat it: the result is the loss of his life and two others in a critical position.
Eye witnesses as seen in a video recorded by and posted on you tube  saw people saying the driver should be flogged and that a pregnant woman was also in the vehicle. many others were seen taken pictures of the gory state of the occupants with their phones.. Accidents have been occurring in the Lagos metropolis since Monday, Yesterday saw the kerosene tanker somersaulting and its contents pouring of and trust Lagosians, they were seen en mass scooping it.... without shame

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  1. The man must have been drunk because i really do not see how any sane man would take a stupid risk like that with his life. He should be flogged till he weeps when he gets to heaven.