Friday, 31 August 2012

31st of August,2012

Really have so many reasons to be happy today, like having my dream sturvs and me making a choice to finding my purpose in life.. it did also have its bad side where my temperament was tested,  blog oh blog, its nice to know I could learn. Was deprived of some things today but its all good.

Let me tell you a story....
once upon a time,  about five years ago I didnt know alot and now I do know alot.. have learnt that being quiet didn't mean am a fool, that following my dreams should be paramount to me. that you need to suffer to enjoy, that your friend could be your worst enemy... that the statusquo needs to be broken , that you dont need to force anyone to love you as an option... have learnt alot and am not yet 30... wow, August has been great for me and |I earnestly await September.... To all that made August interesting, Thank you, to  those that thought they were "doing me", I want to say thank you.... wello... thanks for your advice.. would have twiked it but its my blog... lol

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