Thursday, 23 August 2012

11 year old girl in Nigeria diagnosed with cancer

A medical mission in Anambra has detected breast cancer in an 11-year-old girl, according to one of its officials.

The mission, sponsored by the Anambra Indigenes Association in the U.S, has been providing free medicare to the people of the state in various localities since its arrival. The coordinator of the team, Mr. John Obegolu, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Nteje, Oyi
Local Government Area, that the girl had been slated for surgery. Obegolu said the detection solved a mystery around the girl, whose parents had concluded that she had a spiritual attack.

He said that most of the health issues being experienced by Nigerians could be avoided if they were well-informed.
He said that it had become necessary to teach local women the need for early breast cancer detection and prevention to enhance their healthcare.

Obegolu said the association was determined to effect changes in all aspects of healthcare for the people of Anambra. Also speaking with NAN, a member of the team, Mrs Nkem Aboh, advised women to go for mammogram test, a procedure that uses radiation to diagnose the internal parts of the body. Aboh said the amount of radiation was very small compared to the benefits of detecting breast cancer on time.

She said that only between five per cent and 10 per cent of breast cancers was caused by genetic disorder.

Aboh said women of any age could be diagnosed with breast cancer, saying, however, that older women had higher incidence than younger ones.

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